Tristan Thomas

Tristan Thomas


Tristan Thomas was previously VP of Marketing at UK fintech unicorn Monzo, a company that has raised over £400m to date. In 2020, Tristan left Monzo to go out on his own in Nov 2020, doing some CMO consulting and to work on his very own bootstrapped side-project, Winepost. Winepost is a wine delivery service that was started in the first lockdown and has since passed $250k ARR.

  • Also at Beam + Good Club

Talking points

On Monzo

(We’ll touch on this briefly, purely out of personal interest, but I may cut from the episode)

  • Were side projects encouraged at Monzo?
  • Most surprising thing about your time at Monzo?
  • How have you applied things you learnt at Monzo to your own projects
  • What was the catalyst for you leaving to go out on your own?

On other side projects

  • What else have you built?
  • PrintStamp - I love this idea.
    • One of my buddies tried to do the same thing, but there just isn't enough demand and the margins are super thin! But that not what side projects are about!
  • How did it go?

On Winepost

  • How did it start?
  • How much have you invested in it?
  • What are the margins like?
  • you’ve been in a heavily VC-backed co, how come you haven’t raised for your own projects, what are the pros and cons of bootstrapping for you?
    • Kieran McHugh, left Monzo to start Daybridge, raised capital. Deliveroo mafia, Jonny Burch, raised capital.
  • What did you do to grow from the start? Actual tactics?
    • "Accidentally turning into more of a real business"
  • Future plans? Raise VC?


  • Book - Ian Banks Culture Series. The Wasp Factory. Red Mars - Stanley Robinson.
  • Podcast - ATP
  • Indie Hacker / Entreprenuer - Nick Huber
    • Ryan Peterson - Founder Field Company