Traf is a designer and serial indie hacker. He's the founder of, among other things in the past. Traf has most recently been in the spotlight for selling $280,000 worth of his icons in just a few weeks, after being featured in on of MKBHD's videos. You can hear all about that story and how Traf took advantage of the sequence of events following on the Indie Hackers podcast with Courtland, I'll leave a link in the show notes to that.

In this episode, we're going to be focusing more on Traf's product Super, touching on design too.


Hook: Hmm need to think about this

On Super / Notion

  • Talk me through why you started Super
    • How's it been going?
  • Notion as a CMS - I'm a huge fan. We should talk about the possibilities here.
  • Are the old guard web 2.0 tools like Google Docs being replaced?
    • Notion, Coda. Pitch, Dropbox Paper
    • What else is getting big like Notion?
    • Where are the opportunities for indie hackers to ride these waves?
  • Is Notion confused about the type of product it wants to be? Or is that the beauty of it?


  • What are the recent trends with designers becoming indie hackers?
    • Traditionally, you'd need to know how to code, but perhaps you don't... Tools like Webflow, Notion, Tailwind to an extent make things much easier
  • Who's doing good things in design currently?
    • Jack Butcher + VV seems to be trending, why?
    • Jack McDade Radical Design... interesting
  • Any new tools that are game changing for designers?
  • What does the future look like for designers going indie?

Value of money

  • My previous recording was with Rob Hope, where we spoke at length about choosing freedom over money. What does being free and unencumbered look like as an indie hacker today?
  • What are the best ways to spend money to free time? (I love this q)
  • Doesn't seem like you're full time on just one thing, who else is doing this well?
    • How do you manage time / split time between them
  • Single product vs portfolio of products (again I spoke with Rob about this)