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As an indie hacker building your product, how often do you ask for user feedback? Because if you listen to the problems of your users, you can really understand their pain points and solve their problem, building a product they love.

That's why I've partnered with Upvoty to support this episode of Indie Bites. Upvoty is a user feedback tool that makes it easy for you to listen to your users and prioritize what to build next.

Install Upvoty's feedback boards and you'll have all of your user feedback in one place. You can also close the feedback loop by setting up your Changelog and Product Roadmap, allowing your users to be actively involved in building new features and love your product even more.

Want to give it a go? Upvoty has a 14 day free trial and 10% off any plan with the code "INDIEBITES" Go to Upvoty.com, or check the link in the show notes to start your trial.