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Indie Bites ad scripts. Feel free to amend these as you see fit!


Twitter is an incredibly useful tool for us as indie hackers, but the Twitter's analytics tool doesn't give you the metrics that really matter. Indie Bites alumni Dan Rowden has created the most useful analytics tool for Twitter, giving you the metrics that actually help you understand your tweet performance and grow your audience. With one glance, ilo helps you easily see which kind of tweets get more impressions, likes, profile clicks and more so you can get better at Twitter. ilo's beautiful graphs and useful metrics have helped me double my Twitter audience in X months.

Head to ilo.so and use the code INDIEBITES20 to get 25% off your ilo subscription for life. There are only 10 codes available so be quick. << not sure about this "be quick"

Dan: the plans are changing tomorrow (Thu 4th) so best not to mention the $9/mo price. I've created a discount code INDIEBITES20 with a limit of 10 uses, which will give listeners 25% off their subscription for life.

Can you put the code in the episode notes too?