Sabba Keynejad

Sabba Keynejad


Sabba is the co-founder of, an online video editing platform that has grown to over $1.7m ARR. When I first met Sabba, Veed was just a small product that wasn't generating any revenue. Since then Sabba and his co-founder Tim have grown the platform rapidly, adding new team members, thousands of new users, making a profitable bootstrapped business.


On Veed

  • What is Veed?
  • Where did you come up with the idea?
  • What is your current revenue?
  • Had you started and failed with anything before?
  • What made Veed work out?
  • Many indie hackers are solo. You have a co-founder split 50/50 on the business, do you think it's worth indie hackers going out to find a co-founder?
  • There are many online video editing tools out there. Wavve, Headliner, Kapwing. What makes Veed different and how has that fed into your growth?

On growth and marketing

  • Veed has grown super quickly, but how did you get your first 100 users?
  • Then how did you convert them to paying customers?
  • Your marketing strategy. What did you do at the start for your growth?
  • When you started generating revenue, you hired content creators. Why?
  • What are your tips for marketing without budget?
  • Biggest mistakes / advice you'd give to founders