Recording Notes

  • Rob, in a world where we're always looking for the next best technology, new design or trend for our products and websites, have we along the way lost the joy of simplicity?

Landing pages - 2 mins

  • We could talk all day about how to make a good landing page, and people can go to your Twitter thread or purchase your book, but can you summarise what makes a stand out landing page?

The podcast - 2 mins

  • How long does it take you?
  • What do you look to achieve with the pod, having spent so much time on it?
  • If people should listen to one episode, which one?

Choosing freedom over money - 8 mins

  • So many people choose to start their business to 1) have control over their time and 2) make more money. Do you ever think it swings too much towards making more money?
    • As soon as people get a little taste of it, they want to make more?
  • How do you achieve freedom? What do you have to build to get to this point?
    • Also, to this point, how are we defining freedom - could discuss
  • Building a portfolio of products / businesses. I've seen more people do it, I like it, but there is the argument that you spread yourself too thin. Thoughts?
  • Examples of people doing this


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  • Podcast
  • Landing Page
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