Rhys Morgan


Rhys Morgan is a SaaS growth consultant, who productised his consultancy GetRhys, growing it to $2,500 MRR. Rhys is now growing his portfolio by starting Contentago, an on-demand content production service for SaaS businesses.

He's had an interesting journey, working in an Amazon warehouse 7 days a week before getting a job selling wholesale phones. He then left the sales life to join a crypto startup, where he discovered he could get more for doing the same job by becoming an independent consultant. GetRhys was born.

Main Section


  • Now Rhys, you started out your entrepreneurial journey selling socks on Twitter when you were just 13. This is the typical lemonade stand / baseball cards story I hear all the time. Did you actually make any money from it?

How consulting works

  • I'd like to see how good you are on the spot, how could Notion improve conversion on their page?
  • Try Mugshot Bot if that's easier...


  • What are the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to growth?
  • Most indie hackers are dev focused, what things can they do to grow?
    • I expect this question to go quite long

Get Rhys & Contentago

  • Why did you productise the consulting the way you have?
  • Your services say you can do pretty much anything, how?
  • Are consultants just people that don't do the work but give advice?
  • How have you grown to 10 clients and $2.5k MRR?
  • Tell me more about Contentago


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