Episode notes

On Ramy and businesses

  • Background on Ramy
    • A little backstory on you, how you built the audience with UI Movement
  • Talk me through Page Flows
    • How much time do you spend on it?
    • Tech stack for building?
  • Your 6 in 6 startup challenge
  • The life of you're living the dream as a solo founder! is it all that it's made up to be
    • Challenges, highs, lows
    • Any particular examples of above?
  • Why you don't share numbers anymore

Going against the grain, Content / Directory businesses

  • Why all developers chase SaaS
  • Why businesses like Nomad List, Key Values, Indie Hackers are so appealing?
    • more content you add, the more users you get etc.
  • What might the future of these kinds of businesses look like?


  • Best book
    • Hatching Twitter
  • Podcast
    • Indie Hackers
  • indie hacker to follow
    • Pieter Levels
  • What are you most excited about for the future?