Ramy Khuffash

Ramy Khuffash


Ramy Khuffash is the founder of Page Flows, a library of inspiration videos for product designers. Ramy started Page Flows after building a UI newsletter to thousands of subscribers, trying to improve his own skills as a developer who cares about design. Ramy is now a full-time indie hacker, with Page Flows making enough revenue to sustain him, alongside a few other side projects.

What we discussed

  • Is the full-time indie hacker dream all it's made out to be
  • Why Ramy tried six startups in six months, was it a success?
  • Do founders work on things for too long?
  • Ramy's journey working for a VC backed startup
  • How it compares to bootstrapping
  • What is Page Flows?
  • How does it earn money?
  • The trend of content / directory businesses
  • Has he wasted his spare time?
  • Why Ramy stopped sharing revenue numbers