Philip Kiely

Philip Kiely


Philip Kiely launched "Writing for Software Developers" last May, making $20,000 in sales in its first week without any pre-existing audience. Since then, Philip has been on a mission to help as many software developers as possible realize that they possess the skills they need to become great writers. He's also Head of Marketing at Gumroad, inspiring creators to make money selling their work online.

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Talking points

Context on the book

  • Why did you write it
  • How does someone make $20k on a book with no audience

The creator economy

  • Why have we seen a boom in people creating info products?
    • I first remember seeing someone do this at scale with Refactoring UI. Since then Daniel Vasallo, Janel with Newsletter OS, Arvid Kahl, Rob Hope + many more indie hackers reaping the benefits of selling their info products.
  • How do you do it right?
    • May be overlap with q2

The benefits of writing

  • Should everyone write?
  • How should they do it?


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