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Peter Suhm is the co-founder of Reform, a tool that lets you easily create simple, brandable forms. Peter is also part of the Tiny Seed 1st batch, where he was working on a product called branch Branch. After that didn't work out, he went through a period of testing and validating ideas.

One of those ideas was a investor update tool, where Peter discovered how convoluted creating a form with existing tools was. Using Twitter and a very early stage MVP, he validated the idea for Reform and got to work building.

Since then he's had #1 Product of the Week on Product Hunt and is now working through the challenges of building features and growing revenue. You might have also heard Peter on the Out of Beta podcast, which he co-hosts with Matt Wensing.

Throughout my conversation with Peter we talk about his successful Product Hunt launch... but aside from upvotes, how did he know to what extent it was successful? Well Peter used Fathom Analytics to quickly find the important metrics on the Reform website to understand what was working and what wasn't. Which is why I'm happy to be partnering up again with Fathom as a sponsor for this episode.

Before this, Peter, and many other indie hackers would have gone through the painful process of setting up and digging through unnecessarily complex Google Analytics dashboards. Since discovering Fathom, it's been a breath of fresh air.

Fathom gives you simple website analytics that are easy to understand and respectful of privacy laws, unlike our Google overlords who profit from your data. They are also a bootstrapped, transparent and sustainable business so I love supporting them.

We are used to getting analytics for free, so it might feel a bit strange paying at first, but once you realise the true cost of free Google software, and most importantly see how awesome Fathom is to use, you'll never look back.

Oh, and you can install the lightweight code on as many websites or projects as you like, getting a 30,000ft few of the performance of all your sites.

Head to usefathom.com/bites or hit the link in the show notes to give it a go.

Oh, and there is an extended 30 minute conversation available at the Indie Bites membership for just £4 a month. Link in the show notes or bites.fm/membership.

Throughout this episode I speak to peter about his marketing efforts for Reform, but how does he know what's working and what's not?

Well, Peter uses Fathom Analytics for a simple, birds eye view of the performance of the website.

What we covered in this episode:

  • Coming up with the idea for Reform
  • Validating the idea for Reform
  • Why build a product in such a competitive market
  • Where form builders keep messing up
  • Getting to #1 Product Hunt of the week
  • When is the right time to launch on PH
  • Marketing and growth tests for Reform going forward
  • Continuing to try things that don't scale
  • Where should founders start with marketing?
  • Peter's approach to product development
  • The feedback loop of Twitter
  • The upsides of raising Tiny Seed money


  • Book: Traction by Gabriel Weinberg
  • Podcast: Tropical MBA
  • Indie Hacker: Derrick Reimer