Peter Suhm

Peter Suhm


Peter Suhm is the co-founder of Reform, a tool that lets you easily create simple, brand-able forms. Peter is also part of the Tiny Seed 1st batch, where he was working on Branch. After Branch didn't work out, he went through a period of testing and validating ideas.

One of those ideas was a investor update tool, where Peter discovered how convoluted creating a form with existing tools was. Using Twitter and a very early stage MVP, he validated the idea for Reform and got to work building.

Since then he's had #1 Product of the Week on Product Hunt and is now working through the challenges of building features and growing revenue. You might have also heard Peter on the Out of Beta podcast, which he co-hosts with Matt Wensing.

Talking Points

On Reform

  • Talk me through coming up with the idea after Branch
  • What steps did you take to validate quickly?
  • How are you differentiating Reform to all the other form builders?

On PH Launch

  • You got #1 Product of the week, how did you do it?
    • What's the process start to finish?
    • Tips for others looking to launch on PH
  • Was it worth it? What do you get from it?
    • Traffic
    • New customers
    • SEO

On Future Growth

  • Marketing as a developer/founder, tips? Where should they start?
  • What's next with Reform? How are you deciding on new growth channels?
  • What's your approach to product development, how are you choosing new features to build?

On TinySeed Funding

  • You were part of the first batch of TinySeed funding, why did you go for it?
  • Has it been worthwhile for you?
  • Should more bootstrappers look to raise new types of funding?
  • Difference between TinySeed and VC


  • Book - Traction
  • Podcast - Tropical MBA
  • Indie Hacker - Derrick Reimer

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