Show Notes

Pete Codes is my favourite kind of indie hacker. He thought "what have I got to lose, and went all in with his side-project". 2 years later, he's running a profitable business that sustains him, and allows Pete to work in a way he wants to.

Pete runs No CS Degree, among other things, sharing stories of people who have made it as a developer, without going down the traditional route of getting a computer science degree, showing how it's possible to earn a nice salary without going to university.

I've got another double recording for you today, as Pete has just launched too many things in the past few months. Recently he started High Signal, a community for revenue verified entrepreneurs, then started a site for finding fully remote companies and finally made 2 courses where you'll learn how to both monetize and grow your newsletter.

Before we get into this episode, a quick word about today's sponsor Churnkey.

It can be a huge challenge to keep Churn down when your SaaS product starts to see traction, which is why I've partnered up with Churnkey for this episode.

The founders of Churnkey know exactly how much of a challenge this can be, having grown their own SaaS to over $1.5m in revenue.

Churnkey helps you retain more customers with customized cancellation experiences. Their cancellation flow presents dynamic options for your customers, helping you craft a deeper relationship with your customers.

All you need to do is connect your Stripe account and you’ll enable powerful features like subscription pauses, dynamic offers (coupons, plan changes, and more), customer segmentation, actionable churn metrics, and how much revenue Churnkey has recovered for you.

Want to try it for yourself? Head to to start your free trial.

Another quick note, if you want to learn about how to start a podcast like Indie Bites, I've made a course giving you all my knowlege, showing you exactly how to start a podcast that takes you only 2 hours a week which I'll leave a link for in the show notes. But that's enough plugging from me, let's get into this episode.

  • Pete's crazy backstory
  • How he got into entreprenuership
  • Most inspiring story from No CS Degree
  • How does Pete get revenue
  • Getting a sponsor for a course
  • How do you grow a newsletter
  • Launching a monetize your newsletter course
  • Doing a bundle deal with other indie hackers
  • Starting the High Signal community
  • Why some paid communities are bad
  • Pete's nifty pricing trick
  • Launching a job board


  • Book: Mindset Carol Dweck
  • Podcast: Indie Hackers
  • Indie Hacker: Lachlan Kirkwood