Pete Codes

Pete Codes


Pete Codes is my favourite kind of indie hacker. He thought "what have I got to lose, and went all in with his side-project". 18 months later, he's running a profitable business that sustains him, and allows Pete to work in a way he wants to.

Pete runs No CS Degree, sharing stories of people who have made it as a developer, without going down the traditional route of getting a computer science degree, showing how it's possible to earn a nice salary without going to university.

Pete has also launched a bunch of other things (in true indie hacker fashion) which we'll get into in the episode.


On No CS Degree

  • Pete, you were on the IH podcast back in January. I'll leave a link so people can take a listen. In 60 seconds, whats your story? (ha good luck with this, feel free to script it)
  • What's changed since January?
  • Most inspiring story you've seen on No CS degree
  • Growth channels
  • Tech stack
  • Anne Laure post on goals

On being a solo founder

  • Just double checking, you are a solo founder, right?
  • How's it been doing this by yourself?
  • Any advice for other solo founders?

On cold emailing

  • Pete, you have this ability to get people to help you out, just by asking. It's a skill to be able to cold email people, let's break down the anatomy of a good cold email?
  • Why should people do this?
  • How often should they do it to get better?

On university vs no uni

  • One of my favourite topics as someone who opted not to go to uni and have enjoyed the rewards of that choice. The whole premise of your business is sharing the stories of those who haven't got a degree, or not a degree in the field they are making their living, what's your take on it?
  • When is it worthwhile to get a degree?
  • What are the alternatives?
  • Lambda school

What new things are you working on?

  • Remote Companies
  • Monetize Your Newsletter course - put this in intro

Current projects (oldest to newest)

  • No CS Degree
  • job board for No CS Degree
  • Bootcamp Index
  • Monetize Your Newsletter
  • Remote Companies


  • Book - mindset - Carole Dweck
  • Podcast - SaaS Podcast by Omar Khan
  • Indie Hacker - Kieran Bell