Recording Notes

Hook: Pat, $20k in under 4 weeks and a course shot and released over a weekend, how did you do it?

On starter story

  • What is it
  • How did it start
  • Going full-time
  • What’s the most insane story you’ve seen?
  • Mistakes founders make

On the course launch

  • Why seo?
  • How did you validate
  • What steps did you take from then
  • Leveraging Twitter + Email List

On execution

  • How important is it to execute on your ideas
  • What if you tweeted out and got barely any response, would you still have made the course


  • Book
  • Podcast
  • Indie Hacker

Some interesting things to explore if we have time

  • Daily blogging
  • Worrying about what people think; IDGAFA
  • Going full time
  • Digital nomad-ing
  • Running multiple projects at the same time