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Recorded intro

Hello and welcome back to Indie Bites, the podcast where I bring you stories of fellow indie hackers in 15 minutes or less. Today we have Noah Bragg who is the founder of Potion, which allows you to turn your Notion pages into a website, wiki or blog all behind a custom domain. He's also the co-host of the Product Journey podcast where he talks about the ups and downs of running a bootstrapped SaaS company.

This is actually the third episode in a row that I've had to split into 2 recordings as Noah's project grew from $250 MRR to $3k MRR in just a few months. In the first section we talk about how Noah wanted to build a funded coffee business before discovering indie hacking and starting Supportman. Then in the second part we talk about how he's grown Potion to over $3k MRR while working a full-time job, including his framework for a successful product hunt launch.

As you know this podcast is my own side project that I dream of one day turning into my full-time gig, which is why I'm grateful for sponsors and members for keeping that dream alive. Today's sponsor is, Upvoty which is user feedback tool that makes it easy for you to listen to feedback from your users and prioritize what to build next.

Upvoty's feedback boards show you all of your user feedback in one place. Then you can close the feedback loop by setting up your Changelog and Product Roadmap, allowing your users to be actively involved in building new features and love your product even more.

Want to give it a go? Upvoty has a 14 day free trial and 10% off any plan with the code "INDIEBITES" Go to Upvoty.com, or check the link in the show notes to start your trial.

You can find an extended version of this conversation on the Indie Feast membership where we talk about how Noah acquired a competitor to potion, the challenges he's faced, why he builds in public and where he wants to take the business. Let's get into this episode.

What we covered:

  • The goal of building a huge business
  • Project: Coffee Pass
  • When to decide to stop a project
  • Failing after 2 years working on something
  • First project as an indie hacker: Supportman
  • Starting Potion
    • $250 to $3,000 MRR in 4 months
  • How to do a successful product hunt launch
  • How to get a product hunt maker grant
  • Focusing on product instead of marketing
  • Finding the right market / a growing market
  • Dealing with competition