Noah Bragg

Noah Bragg

Noah Bragg is an indie hacker in its truest form. Building in public hacking away on his project, Potion, which is a a way to host your Notion pages as websites behind a custom domain. He's also the co-host of the Product Journey podcast, where he speaks with his co-host Ben about their progress on their respective side projects.


On your history / CoffeePass

  • Chasing the startup dream with CoffeePass
  • First delve into indie hacking?
  • Investment vs bootstrapping

On Potion

  • How's it been doing?
  • Biggest challenges?
  • Growth so far
  • What are your plans?

On Notion as a CMS

  • I use Notion for everything, so it makes sense as a CMS. What are the possibilities beyond just basic wiki-style pages?
  • Favourite Notion built sites?

On building in public

  • Building in public is a huge trend at the moment, what are the benefits?
  • Are people doing it for the right reasons, or just jumping on a trend?
  • What sort of thing should you be sharing?


  • Book - ReWork
  • Podcast - My First Million
  • Indie Hacker - Kenneth Cassel

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