Nadav Keyson

Nadav Keyson

Nadav Keyson is the co-founder of, an easy way to record videos and podcasts in studio quality, remotely. I started using Riverside for Indie Bites when I realised Zoom just didn't give me good enough quality. Riverside blew up when the pandemic hit and people started to record remote podcasts, rocketing the company into a very strong revenue position. Since then Nadav and his brother Gideon have raised money, started to grow a team and taken the company to new heights.

In this episode, we're going to talk about the point where indie founders decide to raise and the new set of challenges it brings.

Talking points

On Nadav

  • Your background, other side projects with Gideon
  • Debating platform - the growth there
  • Your MBA, why stop that?


  • Why did you start it?
  • When did you realise you were onto something?
  • Of the remote podcast platforms you were the first to come to market recording with video, giving you a distinct advantage over your competitors. Why had no one done this before?
  • What are the technical challenges of recording remote 4k video and lossless audio? Is it hard to scale (server costs, tech problems etc)?
  • Best remote podcasts you've seen on the platform
  • What's next for Riverside?

On taking investment

  • After seeing some impressive growth, you decided to raise funding. A lot of indie founders might make it to this inflection point and make the decision. What led you to agree to take on the funding?
  • You started out indie with a goal of $2k per month, per founder. This was a modest goal and an achievable one. What changed your mind?
  • Whats your advice to founders who go down this route? What are some things that you weren't told before raising that you've now found out are challenges?
  • Are you still enjoying yourself?!


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