Episode Notes

  • Why did you start Upvoty?
  • Stopping a $1m business to start from scratch
  • Why your work should be fulfilling
  • Should you be passionate about your audience?
  • How to validate your idea
  • How Mike got his first customers for Upvoty
  • The value of an MVP and a landing page
  • Why you should build runway or have an alternative income source
  • How you can make your own luck
  • Why indie hackers should build a personal brand
  • Mike's one bit of advice for founders; validate
  • How to build an MVP with the BML framework

Hello and welcome back to this episode of Indie Bites, the podcast where I speak to fellow indie hackers in 15 minutes or less. In this episode, I'm joined by Mike SaaS who is the founder of Upvoty, an instant feedback software which has recently hit $17k MRR. Mike also runs the SaaS pirates community, where he talks all about running a SaaS company. Previously, he scaled Vindy, an only marketplace for home development to 1m ARR in 5 years.

In this episode we're going to be discussing how he built Upvoty to $15k MRR, how to come up with an idea and then validate it and how you can take advantage of opportunities.

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