Membership Planning


  • $10 p/m or $100/yr
  • Use Glow for memberships (like 3/400)
    • landing page seems quite limited
  • Use term "Limited Partner"
  • What's included?
    • Behind the scenes discussion on "how venture firms really work"
    • Deep dives on company building knowledge like pricing, hiring and strategy
    • Interviews with founders and CEOs of high growth private companies
    • The acquired "book club" which has episodes and live discussions with authors
    • Access to Slack (with hosts and "top investors, founders and operators")

Sam Harris (Making Sense Podcast)

  • Link
  • $99.99/yr or $14.99 p/m
  • Seems to use custom system / ghost - looks nice
  • Kinda hard to find it exactly on the page
  • What's included
    • Full length episodes
    • Conversations from his app (maybe this is a separate podcast)
    • Subscriber only content, Zoom Q&As
    • Advance tickets to live events
    • Bonus questions (additional Qs from podcast interviews)
  • It has a gift subscription - really cool idea
    • Link back to the regular subscribe page at the bottom
  • FAQs
    • When does it begin
    • How is it accessed
    • Will it be renewed
    • How will the money be used - from Tim Ferriss

Dense Discovery

  • The free product is amazing - the newsletter
  • Become a Friend of DD
  • $22 per year
    • has a "double your contribution CTA"
  • Super low price point to turn it into a no-brainer purchase
  • Landing page brilliantly written as always
  • Positioning initially reduce reliance on advertising and support an indie publisher
  • Things included
    • DD index - I love this idea. Have used it a few times. Has a preview for this too via YT.
    • Discounts - cool idea
    • Behind the scenes updates

Rob Hope - Yo!

  • Interestingly stopped his membership, great article explaining why
    • Felt pressure to produce content regularly for members (no shit)
    • Wanted it to be a creative outlet, not a job
  • Named "Yo! Friends"
  • Pay what you want pricing model

Newsletter Crew

Tim Ferriss

  • He cancelled his membership, but using Chargebee
  • Still an interesting page
  • Just calls it "support"
  • Didn't really offer anything unique

Not overthinking

You Are Not So Smart