Recording notes

On podcasting

  • Why is podcasting such a good medium?
  • Should indie hackers / entrepreneurs start a podcast with their business?
  • Is it over saturated?
  • In a nutshell, how do you start and grow a podcast?

On Captivate / Other Businesses

  • Tell me the story. What's your background?
  • Why did you start a podcast host?
  • How have you funded Captivate?
  • I know a lot of people in the Indie Hacker community use Transistor, how does Captivate differ?
  • How many users / what sort of revenue (all good if it's private)?
  • Future plans for Captivate / Rebel Base Media?


  • Favourite book for entreprenuers
    • E-myth revisited
  • Podcast you enjoy the most
    • Jordan Show
  • Entrepreneur you admire / people should follow
    • Corey Haines