Mark Asquith

Mark Asquith


Today I'm joined by Mark Asquith, that British podcast guy and CEO of Rebel Base Media, the U.K. podcast tech company that makes and so much more.


On podcasting

  • Why is podcasting such a good medium?
  • Should indie hackers / entrepreneurs start a podcast with their business?
  • Is it over saturated?
  • In a nutshell, how do you start and grow a podcast?

On Captivate / Other Businesses

  • Tell me the story. What's your background?
  • Why did you start a podcast host?
  • How have you funded Captivate?
  • I know a lot of people in the Indie Hacker community use Transistor, how does Captivate differ?
  • How many users / what sort of revenue (all good if it's private)?
  • Future plans for Captivate / Rebel Base Media?


  • Favourite book for entreprenuers
    • E-myth revisited
  • Podcast you enjoy the most
    • Jordan Show
  • Entrepreneur you admire / people should follow
    • Corey Haines