Marie Martens

Marie Martens


Marie Martens is the co-founder of Tally, an easy way to create forms online. She left her stable marketing job to start Tally with her partner in crime Filip and become an indie hacker. Since then they've grown Tally to over 10,000 users and $5k MRR as they work towards becoming default alive. Not only this, but they've also done it having had their first child 7 months ago.

Talking points

On Tally

  • Why did you start Tally?
  • Where did you get the first users?
  • How have you grown it over the past year?
  • Tactics for marketing and growth
  • What's the future plan for Tally?

On being an indie hacker

  • A stable job to indie hacker - why did you make the jump?
  • Has it been what you expected?
  • Do you prefer it to working a full-time job?

On working with family

  • How do you find living and working with your partner in life?
  • How do you switch off from work?
  • What's it been like trying to grow a startup and having a newborn?
  • How do you have the time?!!


  • Book - Intercom on Marketing
  • Podcast - Indie Hackers
  • Indie Hacker - David Bear