Marie Poulin

Marie Poulin


Marie Poulin is a Notion expert and started the Notion Mastery course back in Nov 2019, growing that to a mid-6 figure business in under a year. Marie's path to growth has not been linear, but as a result of persistent hard work and a decision to niche down (as an experiment) into helping people make the most out of Notion.

From Marie's site:

I’m the host of Notion Office Hours, creator of Notion MasteryRun Your Learning Launch, Digital Strategy SchoolThink Like a Digital Strategist, and co-founded Oki Doki with my husband, where we help folks create, launch, and market online courses and training programs.

When I’m not nerding out about business or Notion, you’ll find me bouldering, making delicious home-made vegetarian tacos, or working on transforming my lawn into a productive permaculture garden. I love bright tights, macchiatos, and eating all my vegetables.


Notion Mastery, the growth

  • How the course grew organically
  • The story blah blah
  • How has video marketing, specifically using YouTube impacted the growth?
    • Affiliate revenue
  • Why no paid ads? (I suppose it wasn't really needed)
  • What were the challenges of the growth - any growing pains?

The benefits of a niche

  • "Fuck it, let's see what happens if I go all in"
  • Why choose Notion as your niche?
  • It's scary if you're a jack of all trades and don't want to cut off potential revenue streams, what pushed you to make the decision?

Notion as a platform

  • Looking through your YouTube videos, I'm a little baffled about how much of Notion I'm yet to uncover. It's a little overwhelming to begin with, where should people start to build their Notion workspaces?
    • E.g., should it start with journaling, or just use it for work etc.
  • Notion as a CMS, with platforms like Super being released
  • What's the future of Notion? The possibilities are endless. Maybe too endless...
  • Thoughts on people selling digital products through Notion; Janel with Newsletter OS for instance
  • What are your favourite examples of Notion being used?
    • This could be someone using it creatively for a really specific task
    • Someone building their own software / platform
    • As a CMS


  • Indie hacker
  • Book
  • Podcast

Pre Chat:

  • Speed of growth - how’s that been for you
  • What are the growing pains
  • How’s it been personally?
  • Adapting your business model on the fly
  • Skill building - how do you fill the gaps when things are moving so fast
  • How do you do things better
  • Quick decision making
  • Lessons you can pull even if you have no
  • How do you make a living as a creator?
  • Being a solo founder
  • How do you design something you don’t hate
  • What are the systems that are going to help you? Not writing the same proposals over and over again
  • Benefits of documenting
  • How to work smarter, not harder
  • What is the minimal amount of work I can do to get to a place
  • Gross profit