Marie Poulin

Marie Poulin


Marie Poulin is a Notion expert and started the Notion Mastery course back in Nov 2019, growing that to a mid-6 figure business in under a year. Marie's path to growth has not been linear, but as a result of persistent hard work and a decision to niche down (as an experiment) into helping people make the most out of Notion.

From Marie's site:

Marie Poulin is the host of Notion Office Hours, creator of Notion MasteryRun Your Learning Launch, Digital Strategy SchoolThink Like a Digital Strategist, and co-founded Oki Doki with her husband, where they help folks create, launch, and market online courses and training programs.


Notion Mastery, the growth

  • How the course grew organically
  • The story
  • How has video marketing, specifically using YouTube impacted the growth?
    • Affiliate revenue
  • Why no paid ads? (I suppose it wasn't really needed)
  • What were the challenges of the growth - any growing pains?

The benefits of a niche

  • "Fuck it, let's see what happens if I go all in"
  • Why choose Notion as your niche?
  • It's scary if you're a jack of all trades and don't want to cut off potential revenue streams, what pushed you to make the decision?

Notion as a platform

  • Looking through your YouTube videos, I'm a little baffled about how much of Notion I'm yet to uncover. It's a little overwhelming to begin with, where should people start to build their Notion workspaces?
    • E.g., should it start with journaling, or just use it for work etc.
  • Notion as a CMS, with platforms like Super being released
  • What's the future of Notion? The possibilities are endless. Maybe too endless...
  • Thoughts on people selling digital products through Notion; Janel with Newsletter OS for instance
  • What are your favourite examples of Notion being used?
    • This could be someone using it creatively for a really specific task
    • Someone building their own software / platform
    • As a CMS


  • Indie hacker - Anne Laure Le Cunff, Janel, Steph
  • Book - do more great work
  • Podcast - This is uncomfortable

Pre Chat:

  • Speed of growth - how’s that been for you
  • What are the growing pains
  • How’s it been personally?
  • Adapting your business model on the fly
  • Skill building - how do you fill the gaps when things are moving so fast
  • How do you do things better
  • Quick decision making
  • Lessons you can pull even if you have no
  • How do you make a living as a creator?
  • Being a solo founder
  • How do you design something you don’t hate
  • What are the systems that are going to help you? Not writing the same proposals over and over again
  • Benefits of documenting
  • How to work smarter, not harder
  • What is the minimal amount of work I can do to get to a place
  • Gross profit

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