Valentin Hinov


Val Hinov is the founder of ThankBox an online group card tool that grew to $20k p/m throughout lockdown. Now Val is facing the challenges of what to do when your product scales, what to do when the wave that brought you success starts to slow and when your product has one-time purchase pricing model.

Talking Points

On ThankBox

  • Quickly Talk me through the timeline of ThankBox?
    • Launched May 20
    • Re-launching in Oct 20
  • Your ad strategy. What worked, and what didn't. Why you tried this model?
  • $18k peak in July, now dropping fairly quickly. What next?
  • Thoughts on trying get MRR
  • Life situ - going full time?
  • Growing a team vs doing everything yourself.

On failed projects

  • Talk me through some projects that didn't work too well?


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