Tom Ross

Tom Ross


Hello and welcome back to Indie Bites, the podcast where I bring you stories of fellow indie hackers in 15 minutes or less. In this episode we’re joined by Tom Ross, who is the founder of Design Cuts, a marketplace and community for creatives. Tom is also a seasoned podcaster, co-hosting The Honest Designer's Show and Biz Buds which have been downloaded millions of times. It's not all been plain sailing for Tom as he ran into severe burnout working 18 hour days, 7 days a week for 18 months, leading to him being hospitalised. In this episode we're going to find out more about Tom's story and advice he'd give for other founders from his experiences.

Talking Points

On Design Cuts

  • Launched in 2013, in your early 20's. Was this your first rodeo into entreprenuership?
  • What was your goal? Build a million $$ business? Raise funding?

On Burnout

  • You've openly shared this story on podcasts, social media and your blog. But for people that haven't crossed you before, summarise what happened that led you to hospital?
  • How can founders better manage their energy and mental health?
  • What does your work/life balance look like now?

On Community

Note - I don't know too much about this so may be a bit more exploratory!

  • I didn't realise you'd made the switch to go all in on teaching people about community. When did you discover this was important to you?
  • Early community
  • What does community mean to you? How can indie brands cultivate community?
  • You see brands that see community as a buzzword and approach it as a marketing tactic. How can they avoid doing this?
  • Blue Zones
  • Business of Belonging [SPACES] ways to measure ROI for your business

Other things

  • Doing things last minute
  • Consistency over quality
  • Going to the gym 90 days in a row
  • No phone in bedroom
  • Growing and being active on social media


At the end of the episode I ask you for 3 recommendations:

  • Book - The Thank You Economy
  • Podcast - The Diary of CEO
  • Indie Hacker - Rosie Sherry


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