Rosie Sherry

Rosie Sherry


Rosie Sherry is a community builder, indie hacker and founder. She currently runs the Indie Hackers community and also a weekly newsletter where she talks about building communities. Previously, Rosie founded Ministry of Testing.



  • Talk me through how you got into indie hacking
  • How did Ministry of Testing start?

On indie hacking

  • What's it been like going deep into the indie hacker community?
  • How should indie hackers make the most of the platform?
    • How can they be more helpful, interesting etc
  • Tell me some more about your newsletter
    • Why'd you start it?
    • Is it making revenue for you?
  • You have 5 kids, run the IH community and write your newsletter, how do you make time for it all?

On community building

  • How do you build a community, in a nutshell?
  • Should every business look to build some sort of community?
  • Do you have some examples of who is doing a great job?
    • Monica Lent
    • Makerpad
  • What advice would you give to aspiring community builders?
    • Ask questions, get to know your members
  • How do you make money from a community?