Kenneth Cassel

Kenneth Cassel is the founder of, a course platform making it easy for developers to earn money online. Before this, he built, which he made $10k in just one month with. It's not all been plain sailing for Kenneth, as he struggled with failing his way to eventual success. Now with Slip, he's quit his job, been accepted to YC and is growing at a fast rate.

Talking points

On your background

  • How a Raspberry Pi changed your life
  • 4 years of Indie Hacking with no revenue, what did you work on?
    • What did you think went wrong?
  • Joining Twitter in Oct 2020
  • You got really good at Twitter, really quickly. How can others do the same?
    • 0-15k

On launching

  • What made you want to do a small course?
  • How did you get your first customers?
  • How did you make $10k in a month?!
  • What made this different to the rest of your projects?


  • Inspired by Vim, what made you build Slip?
  • Are there not enough course platforms out there? How did you differentiate?
    • Making it just for Devs
  • Getting first customers
  • Dealing with the lows of being an indie hacker
  • How do you balance it all with the family?
  • What's the future look like for you?


  • Why apply to and join YC
    • Twitter spaces convo reference
  • How has it been for you so far?
  • Did you not just want to bootstrap? Should other founders look for funding?


  • Book - Hell Yeah, Or No
  • Podcast - My First Million
  • Indie Hacker - TheBuilderJR