Josh Gonsalves


Josh Gonsalves is the founder of many side-projects and all-round creative guy. By day, Josh is the producer at Superside, helping them create world-class content. By night, he runs a few businesses. First is Contraverse, which helps bring virtual reality into actual reality. RestoPronto is a set of tools to help restaurants thrive online, and finally, Longboi, which is an awesome line of apparel inspired by Josh's dog, Tino. To top all of this off, Josh also runs Mind Meld, which is a show where he speaks to inspiring entrepreneurs and high-performing individuals to help inspire others.

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Talking points

On you

  • I don't usually ask this, but I'm intrigued as to how to got into starting so many different things. What came first and then what led you to each next project?
  • Why have a job with all of these revenue-generating projects?

On Contraverse

  • How do you make money from this, where do you get your leads from?
  • Is there anyone else in the space doing something similar?
  • What's the future look like for the business?

On RestoPronto

  • What made you want to go into the restaurant business?
  • Landing the partnership with Square?
  • Should more small businesses look for partnerships?

On Longboi

  • Why start an apparel brand?
  • How's it been going?
  • How've you sourced the products? Do you keep them in stock?
  • Is it a big money and time suck?

On Mind Meld

  • Most intriguing guest and why
  • Did the world really need another interview podcast?
    • or are you not doing it for the world 🤔
  • Should more people start pods?

On Superside

  • Making all this money, why get a job?


  • Book - Buhdda and The Badass
  • Podcast - Flow State
  • Indie Hacker - Dickie Bush