Dagobert Renouf

Dagobert Renouf


Dago Renouf is the founder of Logoloy, a logo and brand design service that he started with his wife, doing around $3k MRR. He started building Logoloy around September 18, then launched in April 20. It wasn't until May 21 that Dago discovered a marketing channel that worked for him - Twitter. As of writing he's absolutely relentless on Twitter, now with almost 10k followers. He's the bootstrapping meme king for sure.

  • Can I call you Dago?
Note - this is our first time speaking so it could be a more exploratory episode than I usually do.

Talking Points

Your background

  • Hacking away on side-projects. Any successes or interesting ones?
  • Getting a cease and desist at 15 years old (French Idol copywright)
  • Freelancing and full-time work
    • Freelancing stories
    • Best / worse clients

On Logoloy

  • Started building in Sept 18 and didn't launch for 18 more months?! Is that true? Why?
  • When did you leave your job? Why? What made it the right time?
    • When should other bootstrappers leave their job?
    • How much runway did you have?
  • When did revenue start to pick up?
  • Future plans?

On Twitter / Marketing

  • Marketing as a founder. Where should people start?
  • Why do people build build build and not do marketing?
  • You're bloody great on Twitter. How did you double down and how can others do something similar?


  • Book - Zero to One by Peter Thiel
  • Podcast - Wannabe Entreprenuer
  • Indie Hacker - Tony Dihn