Connor Gross


Connor Gross is the co-founder of Cardly, a phone case business that grew to $1.2m before exiting in 2020. Since then, Connor has been delving into all sorts of entrepreneurial endeavours, such as buying a self-storage facility, buying a a few online business and starting his podcast The Next Generation.

Talking points


On Cardly

  • Did you always have an entrepreneurial streak?
  • What's the story of you starting it while in college?
  • Did you run into any big challenges?
  • Had you grown a business like this before? How did you know what to do?
  • Did you start other side-hustles during Cardly?

On your busy 2020

  • Selling Cardly
  • Buying Tiny House Blog & Hashtag Presets
  • Starting Respoke
  • Making money online and investing it offline

On Privy and life goals

  • You worked at Privy for 10 months after college - why did you get yourself a normal job?
  • You seem like a very aspirational guy, with goals and ambitions. Where do you want to be in life? Why did this job at Privy not align with those?
  • Biggest learning from your time at Privy?

On sweaty startups

  • I love sweaty startups, but have never taken action. You have done, buying your first self-storage unit.
  • Why? How's it been going? Enjoying it?
  • Other sweaty startups that interested you?

On your 2021 goals

  • Let's talk through some of your goals. Reading books, starting new hobbies, growing the pod. Tell me more about how they're going?


  • Book - 100 million dollar offers, Alex Hurmazy
    • Dot Com Secrets by Russell Brunson
  • Podcast - My First Million, Tropical MBA
  • Indie Hacker - Daniel Vassallo