Che Sampat


Che Sampat is an 18 year old Indie Hacker who built SuperPay in 2019 when he was 15 years old, an app that lets you generate easy payment links through Stripe and Square. Since then he's grown it to 5k users, $6k in revenue and processed a whopping $15m in payments. Che has also been working at some cool companies since he was young, recently joining the payments startup Fast to focus on his career, therefore stepping back from SuperPay.

Talking Points

On background

  • Where did you learn to code?
  • Did you always make side projects?
  • Which # side project was SuperPay?
  • Did you ever expect it to get that big?

On SuperPay

  • Where did the idea come from?
  • How did you get your first customers?
  • How did you scale it from there?
  • What have you done with the money?
  • Do you get looked down on because of your age?
    • Or any other age-related challenges

On Fast

  • Stepping away from a successful bootstrapped project. What made Fast the right move?
  • Why it's smart to focus on your career as a 19 year old
  • What will happen to SuperPay?