Second Recording

Andy Cloke is the founder of Data Fetcher, a platform for running API requests in Airtable that is currently doing around $2,750 MRR per month. Andy has started many projects in the past, notably Influence Grid, was sold for $55k back in mid-2020, having only started it 7 months before. Now Andy is facing the challenges of scaling his project in a niche market, while working a contracting job.

This is actually the second recording we've done for this show, because since our first recording a few short months ago, Andy has grown Data Fetcher from $800 MRR and worried about churn problems, to over $2,750 MRR and scaling.

On Data Fetcher

  • So Andy, a meteoric rise. what have you been doing to grow Data Fetcher over the past few months?
  • You're trying out 1 week of marketing, 1 week of development to keep myself motivated. How's that going?
    • Freemium isn't a pricing model it's a marketing strategy
  • You're doing a pretty good job of spotting opportunities, building a product and growing them. What's the trick?
  • You picked up a contracting job while working Data Fetcher. Do you think that has helped or hindered you?
  • How do you stay focused on one thing and not get shiny object syndrome with new product ideas?
  • What's the future plan? Sell? Keep growing?
  • $4.5k for new domain