Andy Cloke


Andy Cloke is the founder of Data Fetcher, a platform for running API requests in Airtable, that is currently doing around $800 MRR per month. Andy has started many projects in the past, his most recent one, Influence Grid, was sold for $55k back in mid-2020, having only started it 7 months before. Now Andy is facing the challenges of scaling his project in a niche market, while working a contracting job.


On your background

  • A react developer by trade, what side projects have you started previously?
  • Any of them been successful?
  • What were your ambitions?

On Influence Grid

  • In Nov 2019 you started Influence Grid, what exactly was it?
  • How much of an impact did the TikTok boom in March have?
  • How did you grow it to $3.5k MRR
    • Rocket Reach - link to this
    • Social Media Today
  • When did you start entertaining the idea of selling?
  • How did you come up with your price?
  • How did you find a buyer?
  • What advice would you give to others looking to sell their product?
  • $55k is not life changing, nor is it really a good yearly salary, but you do get it up front. How did you feel after getting the money? Did you buy anything after the sale?

On Data Fetcher

  • Software ideas newsletter
  • Tyler Tringas Micro SaaS book
  • Started 6 months or so ago, how's it been going?
  • How did you get the first few users?
  • Product Hunt launch
  • How fast has the growth been to $800 MRR
  • Building on someone else's platform / platform risk
    • launching a feature that has overlap
  • What's the end goal?
  • Biggest challenges you're facing right now


  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Startup to Last
  • Jon Yongfook

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