Justin Jackson

  • What is Transistor and why did they start it
  • Why work in podcast hosting? Was it not already a solved problem?
  • How did they get the first few customers?
  • What's next for Transistor?
  • What's it like having "made it" as an indie hacker?
  • What challenges does Justin run into?
  • Should you just get a job at a tech company or run your bootstrapped co?
  • Why bootstrapping is not a level playing field
  • When you should quit your job
  • Addressing mental health as an entreprenuer

Extended edition

  • Taking time off
  • Resting productively means not being productive
  • The benefits behind planning your time off, so it isn't empty and frustrating
  • How to figure out good routines
  • What happened to the build your SaaS podcast
  • Candidly how Transistor is going
  • Why Justin isn't rushing into hiring unnecessarily
  • The opportunity cost of bootstrapping
  • The risk vs reward of entrepreneurship
  • Justin's background
  • Why choosing a market is so important
  • Why Justin chose podcasting as the market to build in

Intro script

Justin Jackson is the co-founder of Transistor.fm, a successful bootstrapped podcast hosting company. The journey building Transistor were documented on the Build Your SaaS podcast, which is a must listen. Justin is the founder of the MegaMaker community which he started in 2013, so if you're part of the maker sphere - you'll probably have heard of him.

In this conversation we talk about the steps Justin took to grow Transistor, why it's so important to swim where the fishes are and wether or not you should just go and get a job.

There is a 35 minute extended version of this recording on the Indie Feast membership, where Justin expands on some of his thoughts from this episode, along with why you should take time off, the opportunity cost of bootstrapping and what happened to the build your SaaS podcast.

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