Jim Raptis

Jim Raptis


Jim Raptis is building a portfolio of products as a full-time indie hacker. Most prominently, he runs Magic Pattern, a tool for creating cool geometric patterns which is doing $1.5k MRR. He also started BrandBird, a way for you to create much more effective images for your Twitter brand. Jim's other projects include Phigma, which helps you create graphics for a PH launch, and The Launch Checklist to help you have a successful PH launch.

Talking Points

On you

  • What were you doing before you started indie hacking?
    • You planned to go all in with a funded startup, what changed your mind when covid happened?
  • What's it like building online in Greece, is there any notable differences?
  • How did you get started with design?

On MagicPattern

  • Your first revenue-generating indie product launched last August. Where did the idea come from?
  • How did you get initial users?
  • Future plans for MagicPattern?

On BrandBird

  • This tool is fantastic. Why did you launch this?
  • What are you doing to grow?
  • How are you splitting your time between your projects?

On growing your Twitter audience

  • You started taking Twitter seriously last summer, and it's gone pretty well for you, going from 300 to 9k. What have you been doing to grow your following?
    • How many tweets
    • What are you tweeting about

On nutrition


  • Book: Traction by Gabriel and Jason
  • Podcast: The Flow State
  • Indie Hacker: Peter Levels