Jack Ellis

Jack Ellis


Jack Ellis is the co-founder of Fathom Analytics, the simple, privacy focused alternative to Google launched in 2018. Jack handles the technical side of the business, but isn't afraid to get on the mic on their podcast, Above Board, or send out some spicy tweets. Jack also runs the Serverless Laravel course, which he launched back in 2020.

Alt - Jack Ellis is the co-founder of Fathom Analytics, the simple, privacy focused analytics software. He's gone from washing cars as a kid for £5 a go, to tackling tech conglomerates like Google.

Show Notes

Talking points

On Fathom (9 mins)

  • Talk me through Fathom, why Paul and Danny started it, what made you join? Was it hard to join a project you hadn't started?
  • Switching to full-time, when was the right time?
  • Changing people's perception on paying for analytics. Google = free, Fathom = pricey.
    • Why free products like GA are often bad
  • Why is privacy important?
  • How did you go about tackling / eating into a product that has so much market share and resource?
  • Talk to me about growth, you don't share numbers, but you're making a full-time living with a few people on staff. You obviously don't buy ads, so what have been your main growth channels?
  • Dealing with copycats
  • Other privacy focused products you'd recommend

On Serverless Laravel (3)

  • After switching the entire Fathom codebase from Go to PHP in 2 months, you thought you'd put all this accumulated knowledge into a course, Serverless Laravel. What was your thinking behind it?
  • How did you 1) make sure the course was high quality and 2) get people to buy?

On Pico (3)

  • Medium competitor
  • First time working with Paul, how did you meet?
  • Build while working on other things; Paul - courses, Jack - freelance
  • Jack, before Pico you always wanted 100% ownership, what changed?
    • Benefits of a co-founder
  • Building a waiting list, how do you do it?
  • Ghost Acq. How did that come about?

On money

  • Something that is only really talked about when it's going well. What's your view on founders being motivated by money? Does it solve all problems?
  • Trading time for money. Start off with client work, accumulate savings & security, while sewing the seeds for business.
  • At what point should someone leave their job to work on their side-project?
    • Depends on situation- family etc.
  • Thoughts on burning through savings?

Other things

  • Raw Gains
  • Moving to Canada
  • Freelancing


  • Book - 7 habits of highly effective people
  • Podcast - Human Lab, Art of Product, Build Your SaaS
  • Indie Hacker - none