Harry Morton

Harry Morton


Harry Morton runs Lower Street media, a podcasting production productised service who topped over $1m this year. In this episode we're going to talk about what makes a great podcast, how Harry grew his business and how losing 30% of your revenue overnight affects your business.

Talking points

On what's new

  • Team size doubled
  • $1m revenue
  • Larger clients

On Lower Street

  • Why start a podcast agency?
  • Agencies aren't the dream business, was this always your plan?
  • What's the trick to growing an agency? (or any that you've found)
  • How did you land on your pricing?
  • Should you work at an agency before starting one?
  • Productising and hiring. Should you productise / should you hire?
  • Coronavirus hit your business hard, as it did many, how did you bounce back from losing 30% revenue?

On podcasting

  • You make some shit hot podcasts, you know what you're doing and you charge well for them. What's the process for coming up with a killer idea, a format that works for you and a podcast that
  • Biggest mistake people make with podcasting? I'm thinking expecting instant results, stopping after 3 episodes, doing ANOTHER interview show.
  • Taking Indie Bites, what could I do to improve the format?
  • You did a 150 episode daily podcast, what did you learn from that?

On building a job you love

  • Do you enjoy what you're doing now?
  • What's the day to day?
  • How do you make sure the risk of working for yourself is worth is vs a stable job with a stable income?

Other things

  • Mountain bike community


  • Book - obviously awesome, april dunford, the mom test, rob fitzpatrick
  • Book 2 - Out on the wire - Radio Lab
  • Podcast 2 - PodLand, How Sound
  • Podcast - Bootstrapped Web, Startup
  • Indie Hacker 2 - Andrew Wilkinson
  • Indie Hacker - James Cridland, podnews, Jack Rhysier: https://twitter.com/JackRhysider

Show Notes