Elston Baretto

Elston Baretto


Elston Baretto is the founder of Tiiny.host and is in a similar position to most indie hackers - working on his side-project alongside a full time job, but has had a career packed with learnings that we're going to talk through in this episode. Elston started out his career at JP Morgan, having reluctantly accepted a graduate job he planned to stay at for 6 months. 4 years later, he was still at the conglomerate bank, but he wasn't satisfied staying there for the rest of his career.

While at JP Morgan, Elston launched a few side-projects, some of which still make revenue today, but decided to leave to chase the startup dream. Fast forward a year and the startup dream was over, a company with 14 employees but little traction - sound familiar?

Elston went back to work full-time while he figured things out. In January 2020, he launched Tiiny.host, a super simple way to host your projects. After launching, he made $1,000 in just 3 days using lifetime deals and is now chugging away nicely as a side project.

Talking points

Hook 1: You worked for 4 years in the corporate rat race. As an entrepreneur, how did you stay sane throughout that, were you ever worried you'd stay there forever?

Hook 2: Elston, $1,000 in 3 days, talk me through how you did it?

Lifetime deals

  • Elston, $1,000 in 3 days, talk me through how you did it?
  • Pros and cons of LTD
  • What is a LTD
  • Should all indie hackers do that?
  • What is Tiiny Host

A marketing first approach

  • As a marketer, it's sometimes painful to watch indie hackers building their products away silently and launching to crickets. You've actively put marketing first for building Tiiny.host - why?
  • What tactics can IH's use when launching and growing their side-projects?

Going full-time on Tiiny.host

  • How do you manage time as a side-project?
  • Benefits of working on side-projects, instead of full-time gigs
  • When would you go full-time?


  • Book: Traction
  • Podcast: Tim Ferris Show
  • Indie Hacker: Sabba Kenyejad

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