Dianna Allen

Dianna Allen


Dianna Allen is the founder of Terra, a DTC candle brand, where she designs and hand pours a variety of candles. In October 2020, Dianna left her life as a freelancer behind to put her efforts into Terra full-time, which as we all know, is a huge leap to make.

What we covered

  • Should more indie hackers work on physical products?
  • What happened with Budget Meal Planner?
  • Should more indie hackers kill projects more often?
  • Does turning a passion into a business take the enjoyment away?
  • What was the breakthrough moment with Terra
  • Making the leap going full-time with your business
  • Why Dianna went straight into
  • How do the economics of a physical product business work?
  • How Terra was started with just $100
  • Using Instagram for 99% of growth
  • The hardest part of running a physical product business
  • How to balance one-term purchases vs MRR
  • Why we should support more small businesses?



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