Dianna Allen


Dianna Allen is the founder of Terra, a DTC candle brand, where she designs and hand pours a variety of candles. In October 2020, Dianna left her life as a freelancer behind to put her efforts into Terra full-time, which as we all know, is a huge leap to make.

Talking points

Intro Q: Many indie hackers spend a lot of time at their computers coding their SaaS products, while you handmake goods and sell them DTC. Do you think we should see more of this from inside hackers?

Starting Terra

  • What made you want to start a DTC business?
  • Hows it been going?
  • From the start, tell me how you've been growing Terra?
  • How do the economics of a physical product business work?
  • What's been the hardest part of running this business for you?

Going full time

  • How did it feel making the leap?
  • How did your clients take it?
  • Did you put anything in place to de-risk it?
    • Savings etc
  • Advice you'd give to founders wanting to do the same thing

Black Friday!

  • Such a huge thing for any DTC / Ecomm business. What's your plans?
  • Should we put less emphasis on BFCM
  • Supporting small businesses, why we should all be more aware


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