Derrick Reimer

Derrick Reimer

Derrick Reimer is the founder of SavvyCal, a new approach to calendar scheduling and has since grown to multiple thousands MRR since he launched it earlier in 2020. Derrick also co-founded Drip with Rob Walling in 2012, which was acquired by Leadpages in 2016. You might have heard Derrick on the Art of Product podcast with Tuple co-founder Ben Ornstien where they document their journey building their products.

  • Codetree 6 figure exit


On SavvyCal

  • How did you come up with the idea?
  • How has it been solving a problem that was (1) solved and (2) birthed a new problem - the taboo of scheduling links
  • Hows it going in terms of growth and MRR?
  • How much growth of SavvyCal has come from your previous audience? People following you project to project / AOP listeners.
  • End goal? Exit? Hand it off and work on other stuff?
  • Advice for building a job you love as a founder

On marketing for SavvyCal

  • You brought Corey Haines on board for help with marketing and growth, how has his input helped you as a more technical person. Should more founders bring marketing people on board?
  • What things have you done with Corey? At what MRR did you bring him on?
  • How did the PH launch go? Do people rely on PH launches too much?

On TinySeed funding

  • I'm not too familiar with how this works. Can you explain to me?
  • Would you have raised the TS funding without knowing Rob?
  • Has it been worth it? Should other founders go down this route?

On Art of Product

  • The impact of the pod on projects
  • How much stuff do you and Ben talk about off-air?
  • When did you make the commitment to do it weekly? Has it been worth it?

Other stuff

  • Failed products - when is a good time to stop?
  • Ideas & idea notebook
  • Level - high switching cost & need universal buy in from companies
  • Savvy Cal - you can use it in single player mode


  • Book - The Mom Test
  • Podcast - Software Social
  • Indie Hacker to follow

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