Danny Miranda

Danny Miranda

Potential Title: Growing a podcast to 50k downloads in 6 months


Danny Miranda is the host of The Danny Miranda podcast, which has rapidly grown to over 50,000 downloads in less than 6 months. He publishes 3x a week and has had some awesome guests including Harry Dry, Gary Vee and David Perrell. Danny is a walking case study of shooting your shot, making your own luck and having laser focus on one single thing.

But this episode isn't going to be about podcasting specifically, we're going to talk about how consistency, compounding and execution can lead to you making progress in your personal projects or entrepreneurial ventures. I think you'll be inspired by Danny's story.

Talking Points

On Danny + the pod

  • A little background on you, 75 hard, living in San Diego
  • Making the switch and leaving your job
  • Why dropshipping is a load of bollocks
  • What was the goal for the pod
  • I'm an advocate for podcasting and it's benefits. What's been the most surprising benefit of starting your show?
  • Favourite episode so far

On personal growth / getting shit done

  • Power of consistency
    • publishing 3x per week, not missing a day
    • how you staying motivated for that
  • Power of compounding
    • see above...
    • what other areas in life can we see compounding
  • Execution
  • Delivering value

On surviving

  • When you gonna make money bro?
    • you live in the moment, I like that. But we've got to get real because you're building this asset that people would pay to sponsor, and you have an audience to leverage. Why not figure out how to monetise now?
    • it's all good saying you're not doing it for the money, yep that's very noble, but food needs to go on the table somehow
Episode Notes