Daniel Vassallo


In 2019 Daniel Vassallo left his $500k cushty job at Amazon to go Indie. In the 2 years since he left Daniel has placed many small bets, something he's become known for. In particular Daniel has seen success from his Info Products and building his audience on Twitter, which has grown from 0 to 76,000.

He wrote a short book on the good parts of AWS, which has made $126,000, then following the Twitter growth, wrote a book called Everyone Can Build a Twitter Audience, which has made $244,000.

You might also be thinking how I'm able to share these numbers with you. Well, Daniel is completely open and transparent to an outstanding degree, sharing all of his revenue reports in his Profit and Loss community, which in itself has made over $30k in the past year.

Most recently, Daniel has been embarking on a hand made cutting board side-business, or small bet as he would call it, which are now selling through Gumroad.

In total, and in just over 2 years, Daniel has made $570k in revenue and $306k in profit since leaving his job at Amazon. But he's gained something he didn't have while working for someone else, freedom.

Main section

On taking small bets

  • $500k at Amazon to indie creator. Lifestyle design.
  • Why do you believe in small bets so much? Was it the original plan?
  • I like the idea of small bets, but that's mainly because I struggle with focus. I don't like just sticking with one thing. But when I do focus on one thing, I see much more progress. How do you manage your time and focus with multiple projects?
  • What do you mean by being bad for the economy?
  • Going from stable to variable income?

On Info Products / Creator Economy

  • Why do info products work well?
  • How to create a good info product?
    • Where should people start?
  • How to sell an info product
    • Building a twitter audience
    • How do build credibility

On transparency


I couldn't quite believe how much Daniel shares. If you sign up to his profit and loss community, you can literally see a spreadsheet of Daniel's entire P&L. Why so much transparency?

  • Why share all of your revenue, profit and loss info down to the cent?
    • Is the spreadsheet automated or manual?
  • Revenue has been slowly declining. Any reason behind this? Do you plan to ramp it back up?
    • Info products: 17k (April) > 10k > 7k > 6k > 7k > 5k (Sept)
    • Does it matter?

On handmade cutting boards


This could be a whole episode by itself for me because recently you've been handcrafting cutting boards made from wood - which are stunning. This hit close to me because I did something similar but with handmaking leather wallets and selling them online. There is something about creating something physical with your hands. However, what struck me about you Daniel, is how you take things up a notch with whatever passion you pursue.

  • Why start this? Have you made your kidsesdsz bunk-bed yet?
  • How hard was it to learn woodworking?
    • Do you have a framework for approaching how to learn new hobbies or skills?
      • You seem to just figure things out. Test things, experiment, optimise. Research as much as you can.
  • Is monetising your hobby bad?
  • Whats the plan in future?


  • Book - Nassim Taleb
  • Podcast - Indie Hackers
  • Indie Hacker - Peter Askew


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