Christina Pashialis


Christina Pashialis is the founder of ContentUK, having previously worked at London fintech Soldo and as a B2B SaaS content marketing freelancer. ContentUK is a community for marketers in the UK that Chrstina now works full-time on, having left her job a few months ago.

Talking points

Leaving a full-time role

  • Christina, you've taken a huge risk leaving your salaried job to work on ContentUK full-time, when your income won't be sustainable for a while, what was your thinking behind this?
  • A lot of people do a similar thing, wanting to work on their side projects full-time, so they'll leave their job and burn through savings until they usually have to find work again, what are you going to do to avoid that happening?
  • Freelancing being the bridge between being an employee and an entrepreneur
  • Avoiding burnout

Marketing for indie hackers

  • As a marketer myself, it's sometimes painful to watch indie hackers building their products away silently and launching to crickets - what tactics do you traditionally see in content marketing that indie hackers could implement?
  • Who are some examples of people doing this well?


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