Ch Daniel


Daniel is the co-founder of Legit Check, an app that authenticates luxury items, that grew to $2k MRR in just a few weeks. Daniel is also building, which is a simple way to make a website from Notion. He’s also got his finger in many SaaS pies, running the r/SaaS subreddit where he arranges AMAs and facilitates discussions with some of the biggest SaaS founders out there. As for podcasting, Daniel’s dipped in there too, with his show The Usual SaaSpects an extension of his brand.

Talking points

On Legit Check

  • Why did you start it, how did you grow it?
  • How did you get so much MRR so quickly?
  • Can other founders replicate this?

On r/SaaS

  • Did you start the subreddit?
  • Reddit vs a own-hosted community (Slack / Circle etc)
  • Best AMAs you’ve ever heard
  • Favourite SaaS founder, and how they’ve impacted you

On SimpleInk - we can sack off this section if you want

  • Do we really need another Notion builder?
  • What’s your plan for launch?
  • Pre-sales strategies

On using Twitter

  • You’re pretty sick at Twitter, how do you see it as a marketing channel?
  • Best tactics for making the most out of Twitter?
  • Do you enjoy it?
  • How can others use your method?


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  • Podcast
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