Show Notes

Episode Summary:

Today I speak with Ben Stokes, the indie hacker behind Tiny Projects, where he shares the ups and downs of starting small indie businesses. He's created a ice cream business and a cookie dough business amongst other things and his most recent project, Mailoji, made $10k in a week. We speak about what it's like to be a founder running a physical business, how to sell your project, the joy in starting small things and how to go viral on hacker news.

Show notes:

Ben Stokes a full stack developer and entrepreneur based in Bristol in the UK, who's started an ice cream business and cookie dough business amongst other things. Ben, like many indie hackers, has a bunch of small side project ideas, but not enough time to do them. So he started Tiny Projects. Tiny Projects documents his progress with these small ideas, launching 6 projects since May last year, including One Item Store, which he sold, and his most recent, Mailoji, which has just crossed $10k in revenue.


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What we covered in this episode:

  • Why Ben started an ice cream business
  • Buying an ice cream machine for £700 after a few pints
  • Growing a cookie dough business to £13k a month
  • Why Ben started Tiny Projects
  • The six projects he's worked on
  • How to sell a project for $5,000, that only made $2
  • Selling $10k of emoji domain names
  • How to go viral on hacker news