Ben Stokes


Ben Stokes a full stack developer and entrepreneur based in Bristol in the UK, who's started an ice cream business and cookie dough business amongst other things. Ben, like many indie hackers, has a bunch of small side project ideas, but not enough time to do them. So he started Tiny Projects. Tiny Projects documents his progress with these small ideas, launching 6 projects since May last year, including One Item Store, which he sold, and his most recent, Mailoji, which has just crossed $10k in revenue.


On your physical businesses

  • Ben, many indie hackers would start off hacking away on a small software project and see how much MRR they made it to. You took a slightly different approach. Tell me how and why you started an ice cream business?
  • You didn't stop there though. Having got to grips with one desert business, you decided to start one more. How did cheeky dough come about?
  • You've grown that to a very tasty 13k a month, how did you do that?
  • Ben you know my dream is to open a Taco truck, I'm calling it Jimbo's tasty tacos, what would I need to do to get it up and running, and also turn a profit?

On Tiny Projects

  • I love the idea of a bunch of small projects that don't take too much time, but are just enjoyable to do. You initially planned to release one project per week, but rightly realised this was an insane schedule. Why make all of these small bets?
  • Run me through the projects you've done so far?
  • (Gloss over the details here, just fire them out and I'll come back to details later on)
  • I'll zoom in on 2 in particular

On One Item Store

  • You made One Item Store, a simple page builder to sell a single item, to a mighty £1.64 in revenue, but then you sold it. How did that come about?
  • How much did you sell it for?
  • Why did they want to buy it?
  • What made this one attractive to buy compared to your other projects?
  • You managed to sell it for $5,300 - how did you land on that number? Why did they pay that much for a product that made £1.64.

On Mailoji

  • You summarised your Mailoji story nicely; you bought 300 emoji domain names from Kazakhstan and built an emoji email address service. In the process went viral on TikTok, made $1000 in a week, hired a Japanese voice actor, and learnt about the weird world of emoji domains.
  • You've since made $10k selling these emoji emails, how did that happen?
  • Ben, you've bought over 300 domains, hired a japanese voice actor, made this dramatic video - how much did all of this cost?
  • I can tell you got really into this - all part of the fun of Tiny Projects?
  • What's the plan with it?


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