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Hello and welcome back to indie bites, the show where I bring you stories of fellow indie hacker sin a 15 minute episode. Today I'm joined by Baird Hall who has successfully launched and scaled multiple bootstrapped SaaS businesses, such as Wavve, Zubtitle and Churnkey, which at the time of recording this have over $300k combined monthly revenue, completely bootstrapped. Baird and his co-founder Nick have since sold Wavve and are now putting their growth efforts into Churnkey, which we talk about in this epsiode. We also cover how they pushed through the tough times, then how they bootsrapped their companies to hundreds of thousands in monthly revenue.

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  • The big challenges faced when bootstrapping
  • Did Baird always want to bootstrap
  • Why leave a job to start a company
  • Did he ever get funding from utalk
  • How did Waave come about?
  • How to avoid quitting when times get tough
  • Getting early customers in for Waave
  • What was different when they launched Zubtitle (108k MRR)
  • Why they started a new business completely
  • Why churn is such a difficult problem to solve
  • Is it harder or easier to do B2C vs B2B
  • How to manage context switching
  • How to make time to run 3 huge businesses at once


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