Baird Hall

Baird Hall

Baird Hall has successfully launched and scaled multiple bootstrapped SaaS businesses, such as Wavve, a video app, Zubtitle, a captioning app and is now tackling churn with Churnkey. It hasn't all been plain sailing for Baird and his co-founder Nick, who I interviewed about paying off $250k of debt on episode 12, as it took many failed attempts and uphill battles to eventually make it work.

Talking points

On past ventures

  • Now, it's fun to talk to founders about how they're making multiple hundreds of thousands in revenue, but we don't always talk about the challenges that led you there. Where did you start as an entrepreneur? What was your first company? Did you always want to be bootstrapped?
  • Now we're seeing Clubhouse blow up (although it's kinda running out of steam right now), but in 2015 you started something kinda similar, uTalk. What was the plan with this?
  • Did you get any traction? Did you want to bootstrap?
  • Biggest challenges? Learnings?

On Wavve + Zubtitle

  • What was the catalyst for Wavve?
  • What lessons from your previous business did you take into starting Wavve?
  • Was it a quick linear growth? What tactics did you use?
  • How about now? What are the plans for the future of Wavve?
  • You had so much fun with Wavve, you decided to do it all again with Zubtitle. Did you do anything differently here again?
  • What revenue are the businesses on now?

On Churnkey

  • In a little bit of a different space, more premium product. What have you been doing to grow Churnkey?
  • Why tackle churn? Has no one else been doing this?
  • Aside from getting Churnkey, what else can founders do to reduce churn?

On bootstrapping in general

  • Businesses bootstrapped to over $4m in revenue. That's the dream. How can founders get there?
  • Has it all been plain sailing in your journey with the successful companies?
  • How do you manage your time?!
  • Where do people do wrong?


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