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Title: Building Copy.ai in public - Blake Emal (CMO), Copy.ai

Hello and welcome back to indie bites, the podcast where I bring you stories from fellow indie hackers in a 15 minute episode.

Today I'm joined by Blake Emal who is the CMO of copy.ai and the founder of Float, a course creator based on Notion. This is the first episode in a series of conversations I recorded about 5 months ago, before I ran into the mental health roadblocks. And with most intelligent, hard-working indie hackers, lots can happen in 5 months - which is exactly what has happened with Blake. As of the time we recorded this, Blake had less than 10k followers on Twitter and since then it's rocked to over 55,000, which is incredible. In this episode we talk about his journey to becoming the CMO at Copy.ai, why he's chosen to be a CMO in public and to that point, why building in public is so effective.

Now this meteoric growth in Blake's Twitter audience has been in part due to his fantastic, thoughtful Tweets and threads, but also how he's been using ilo to analyse his Tweets to figure out what's performing and what's not. That's why I'm pumped that Dan Rowden, an indie hacker who started ilo, is sponsoring this episode of Indie Bites.

ilo helps you easily see which kind of tweets get more impressions, likes, profile clicks and more so you can get grow your Twitter audience. ilo's beautiful graphs and useful metrics have helped me double my Twitter audience in less than 4 months.

Head to ilo.so and use the code INDIEBITES27 to get 25% off your ilo subscription for life. There are only 10 codes available so check it out before they all go.. << not sure about this "be quick"

This episode kicks off with me explaining a little of Blake's backstory and how he got to be CMO at Copy.ai.

Thank you so much for listening to the end of this episode of Indie Bites, I appreciate you sticking around over a turbulent few months for me. I've got some amazing guests in the pipeline for you which I'll be releasing over the next few weeks, such as Noah Bragg, Baird Hall and Andy Cloke among others. But I need you to do me a favour to keep me accountable. I'm planning to release these episodes every Wednesday and I want to stick to it, but if you don't see an episode in your feed on a Wednesday, I want you to Tweet me - my handle is @jmckinven, the link is in the show notes - and I'll donate £10 to a charity of your choice for each person that mentions me. If you do see an episode, just send me a tweet saying hi. That's all from me, see you next week!

  • What is copy.ai and what do you do?
  • What does being a CMO in public mean?
  • Where should founders start with marketing
  • Why you should just put a camera in front of you building
  • Why is building in public so effective?
  • Who is building in public well?
  • How to get good at Twitter?
  • Who is doing Twitter well?
  • Are threads dead?
  • Why do marketers ruin everything?


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